Faux Fur

Plainly put: the fur industry is disgusting. I strongly feel that if fur-wearers watched what happened to an animal while it's being skinned, they might never wear fur again. That being said, some people just don't care and never will and all we can do is try to show them another way. I have a fabulous faux fur coat I got an Nordstrom Rack years ago, it's gorgeous and warm and I proudly state, "It's faux" every time some one compliments it. As the weather starts to get chilly, let's take a look at some other options.


Silk & Sable


Happy Friday!

Some super cute scarves from Old Navy.


Fall Preview - Victoria's Secret

I just got my Fall Preview VS catalog yesterday, and was thrilled at all the vegan-friendly options.

Take a look at my favs:


My New Winter Coat

I just ordered my new winter coat today. Searching high and low for a warm, vegan-friendly coat is not easy. I was just looking at the clearance section in Chadwick's and came upon this fabulous find. Look at that deal!

And as soon as I can splurge on part two, I will.


SATC: Redo!

Sex and the City is my favorite television show of all time. I feel like I'm friends with Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda (although if I was I would insist they stop wearing fur...which they would of course because they wouldn't want to upset me).

Anyway, on May 30, 2008, when the first movie released, I had grand plans for what I would be wearing to opening night. But, I had a terrible day at work that day, got home much later than anticipated, it was pouring rain and I had about 5 minutes to get ready. So all I managed to do what put on my super cute shoes.

But when SATC 2 is released the spring of 2010.....I will be ready. Oh YES! I will be ready.

(I will also be going with my godmother instead of poor R, who was literally 1 of 3 men in the sold out theatre. He is such a good sport!)

I have already started my Carrie-inspired outfit search (which to me means the cutest possible thing I can find that is totally unconventional and fabulous). I don't think I will have to go too far, because I have one fantastic contestant already!
I literally cannot wait! Stay tuned....


Fall Fantasies

This has been the oddest summer weather in Chicago history.
I am declaring that a fact.
So, I've been just fantasizing about fall fashion. Hearing my call, olsen Haus posted their Fall 2009 collection.



What's with this wool/silk/cashmere blend cardy trend? When I purchase a cardy, I usually like to be able to throw it over anything and everything, and a perfect material to do that with is cotton. Now....a tribute to the cotton cardy.

Abercrombie (don't ask what I'm even doing on their website)

Comeswithashirt attached cardy (for those rough mornings ((you know what I'm talking about!))


Chicago Summer

Ok, Chicago summer might never get here. In fact, I'm pretty sure we're going to head directly into fall. So, I'm trying to keep a positive spin on things despite the fact I have yet to wear ONE cute summer frock. And it's mid-June.



The name of this summer...color. Thanks once again, Chadwicks.


A Return

I apologize for my delay in posting. But I'm back now, thanks for your patience.

I just received these cute run-around-on-the-weekend shoes I ordered from planetshoes.com. The come in a couple fun colors. I think I'll grab the turquoise pair next....

Happy Friday!


My Friday Recommendations

It's Friday, and I'm full of opinions today! The weather here in Chicago continues to stink, so here are a few things to keep you occupied until the sun is shining and we are all running around outside.

If you have not seen this movie, I highly recommend that you do. Whether you are a vegan or not, it will change the way you look at everything you eat & wear. It's unbelievably moving. It's also available through Netflicks.

An inspirational book about Randy Grim, a complete lunatic who travels the streets of St. Louis in a van to capture stray dogs living on the streets and rescue them. Talk about a tear-jerker. Oh my. He is one of the bravest men I know of. I particularly love this book, because the theme shining through is how one person can make such a difference to the lives of so many, whether it be people or animals.

And if all else fails, just pop here and make you and your loved ones some tasty treats. I just made the Red Velvet Cupcakes last weekend and let me tell you...they were a big hit. We love Hannah Kaminski!


Summer Bag

Is it too early to plan my summer purse? Ah, who cares?
It's all about color this spring and summer.



I know. I tend to feature etsy quite a bit here. But I have to tell you, etsy sincerely has the most unique items. I make jewelry myself, and I can appreciate the time, effort and creativity that can go into a handmade piece.

I have been lusting after one of Raquel Castillo's necklaces since I came across her shop. Not only are her color combos amazing, but her earrings are adorable, too. I could literally buy every single item in her shop. If I had my wedding day all over again, I would get the Butterfly Enamel Garden. Imagine that paired with a soft, flowy white dress in a garden ceremony.

Check it out.


Monday, Monday

Birthday of a fellow fashonista coming up? They have great necklaces. You can find a meaningful one for any occasion.



I could wear this in every season in Chicago.



Summer Lookbook

I will be attempting to recreate this look for summer (at a much more reasonable price). Thoughts on these boyfriend jeans everyone is going crazy for?


It's Friday - Express Yourself!

I volunteer weekly at my local animal shelter. I have a few t-shirts with the shelter's logo on it, which I primarily wear during fundraising events for the shelter. Last fall (when it was still nice enough to get away with no jacket) I was running numerous errands one Saturday morning, and threw on one of the t-shirts to run around in. I was amazed, absolutely shocked at the number of people who stopped me to talk about my shirt. Some asked me if I worked there. Others asked me if I got an animal there. Those who had adopted animals, recalled the stories of their adoptions. One woman was struggling financially and asked if I knew a place she could get her Yorkie neutered at a reasonable cost. I explained to her that my shelter actually has spay/neuter certificates for half the cost of a regular spay/neuter, and wrote down all the information for her.

I guess it had been so long since I'd wore anything with a saying/logo on it, I never realized the impact it could have on those around me. Maybe it was just a good day. But without being obnoxious or pushy, there are ways to get a message across, or just start a dialogue with someone you otherwise would not have.

All these (and about a million others) are available here.


My Secret to Good Sleep

What did you expect? Something in the form of a pill? Heck no.
This lotion will rock your world. I lotion up my whole body before I go to bed, and it tingles my skin into relaxation from my head down to my toes. The peppermint is the perfect combination of calming but not overpowering, and it's quickly become part of my Absolutely Mandatory Tasks I Must Do Before I Crawl Into Bed.
Avalon Organics is an amazing company, one of my favorites, and you can read more about their dedication to honoring our bodies here. The best news is that you can now find them in the organic section of Jewel, not just health food stores and Whole Foods.


One easy & fabulous outfit...check!!

You can wear this with anything.

I have this. I love it.

Joe's Jeans are my personal fav.
Go on with your bad self!


Manic Monday

I want this. Bad.
Happy Monday!


Happy Scandalous Friday

I waited a long time before I started telling anyone I was going vegetarian and eventually vegan. Mostly because I wanted to educate myself about exactly what I was doing before I started answering the rapid fire questions I knew would be headed my way.

When I finally broke the news, after eating completely vegan for two or three months, reactions varied. Few were supportive, mostly out of concern for my health, weight and well-being. As anticipated, I got a lot of the "What are you going to do for protein?" and "How will you ever get iron?". But one male friend's reaction was so funny, it stuck with me to this day.

"Um, does that mean vegans don't wear silk underwear?"

Oh, to be a man. No, vegans do not wear silk underwear. Newsflash: there is plenty of underwear that is cute and not silk. So this is dedicated to all those who are inappropriately concerned with a vegan's knickers.

I know. I apologize. I realize these images are very hard on the eyes.

Brought to us by our friends at Victoria's Secret.

Have a great weekend!!