Happy Scandalous Friday

I waited a long time before I started telling anyone I was going vegetarian and eventually vegan. Mostly because I wanted to educate myself about exactly what I was doing before I started answering the rapid fire questions I knew would be headed my way.

When I finally broke the news, after eating completely vegan for two or three months, reactions varied. Few were supportive, mostly out of concern for my health, weight and well-being. As anticipated, I got a lot of the "What are you going to do for protein?" and "How will you ever get iron?". But one male friend's reaction was so funny, it stuck with me to this day.

"Um, does that mean vegans don't wear silk underwear?"

Oh, to be a man. No, vegans do not wear silk underwear. Newsflash: there is plenty of underwear that is cute and not silk. So this is dedicated to all those who are inappropriately concerned with a vegan's knickers.

I know. I apologize. I realize these images are very hard on the eyes.

Brought to us by our friends at Victoria's Secret.

Have a great weekend!!

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