Purse Fiend

I have always been obsessed with purses. I remember eyeing my mom's Gucci purse collection as a child and wondering what I could possibly find to put in a purse. Crayons? Madonna tapes?

Although my perspective on a Gucci purse has changed, I still love a good bag to complete an outfit. I also commute every day, run around all weekend long, and need something that isn't going to fall apart. When I first started purchasing manmade bags last year, some of them did just that. Thus began my search for a high-end vegan bag, and a friend pointed me in the direction of a great Chicago boutique, Fixture: "I think Fixture has vegan bags, and really cute ones."

They also have online shopping, for those not in Chi-town. I ordered my Melie Bianco bag from them in the beginning of October, and they were a bit backed up due to the high demand...so they sent me a lovely email apologizing, promising me the bag in a few weeks and gave me FREE SHIPPING. Immediately I was reminded why it's so nice to order from an actual store versus a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. It's now the middle of February and my bag is literally still in perfect condition.

Fixture's fall/winter handbags are now 40% off and they just received a new shipment of Big Buddha bags. Check them out.

And thanks to Fixture for giving us vegan girls an option.

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