Yes. Another vegan blog.

Welcome to my very first blog entry on my very first blog. Bare with me as I figure out exactly what I am doing.

I am coming up to my one year anniversary as a vegan. With this, I have made a promise to myself and the animal community to rid my entire lifestyle of anything nonvegan. For the most part, this has been no problem. Pretty simple: Identify and destroy (or, less dramatically, give to a friend or goodwill).

But now comes the fun part. Replacing everything I have been using for years and wearing for years with items I like just as much but can use without the guilt. I am one of those people, if I like a product, I'm a dream customer. I will use that product and no other. I will recommend that product to everyone I know and buy them their own and follow-up to make sure they are as satified as I am.

So, let's get going here. Let's find those cruelty-free, vegan items we cannot live without and celebrate them. And that is what this blog is all about.

Thanks for reading.