You smell ridiculously good...

A quick "vegan perfume" search on etsy* assisted in an amazing find. The Wylde Ivy shop had so many scents to choose from I felt like I had stepped into a Vegan Scent Wonderland. The clincher? Scented oils! I love oils. One might say I'm an oiloholic.

Ok, so I ordered the Black Cat Oil Perfume, and received it a few short days later. I was beyond pleased. First of all, the Black Cat scent is like nothing I've ever smelled. It's a musky sort of sexy scent, just decadent. Secondly, it was packaged adorably. I would love to give this as a gift. Really unique bottling. Thirdly, they included samples! Oh, who doesn't love a free sample?! Especially when you are taking a risk and ordering something you have never smelled online.

As it explains in the description on the shop's site, reapplication is necessary to keep the scent going all day, but so what? It's oil and seeps into the skin. It frightens me to think of what's involved in keeping a perfume smelling on my skin for 12 hours straight. And I only found I had to reapply once to keep it going all day. Anyway, I'm sick of the overload of "products" in my cabinet. I'm eager to use things up. I currently have about 5 half-full perfume bottles from the summer of 2004, where I went on a little perfume spree. I'm so sick of looking at them! So I will be reapplying vigorously.

Wylde Ivy is featuring their Valentine's Day Inspired Perfumes right now. How adorable. Take advantage.

*If you are not yet familiar with etsy, you need to get familiar. If you thought facebook was addicting, you have no idea...

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