Bluefly anyone?

Would you believe a fashonista like myself has never purchased anything from Bluefly?

It's a shame, right? I agree.

But boy, do they have some of the cutest vegan dresses around.

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  1. My sister is always buying dresses off Bluefly and Anthropologie. The dresses are super expensive, yet a lot of them are made in China, with a worker that gets paid 10 cents a day.
    It makes me angry that these top designers are getting their items made there. These workers are treated horribly. If they were making more and living under better conditions, it wouldn't make me as mad. I hate when people make money with treating people bad. After watching "The High Cost of Low Prices," (documentary on Wal*Mart and the CEO who gets paid a lot to treat people horrible)it changed my entire view on everything I buy. It is next to impossible to find things made here in the USA anymore. Recession started with companies going overseas for lower prices and to be greedy and make more money!!!!
    That is why I love vintage and handmade.