They are not kidding when they call it potion...

Over a year ago I was at Ulta and it was one of those days when all the representatives from each make-up company was there to answer any questions, which always drives me crazy because I'm usually not too chatty when I'm going to Ulta. It's like going to church: let me worship in peace. Anyway, I was looking over the Urban Decay products, and our of nowhere the saleswoman had convinced me to buy what she claimed (and this is a direct quote here) was a "miracle". She said the Eyeshadow Primer Potion would keep on my eyeshadow better than anything else I had ever tried. Urban Decay has a lot of rich eye colors, and when they stick to the crease of your eye, it's really not a flattering look. So, I went home & tried it with their very own eyeshadow. I have to agree - miracle. My eyeshadow literally does not move until I use make-up remover at the end of the day. It's so dramatic, that once you apply that eyeshadow, if you make a mistake, you're wearing it the rest of the day.

But so worth it. And vegan, as most of their products are.

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